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We offer you every kind of transfer you may need in Thessaloniki or any other place nearby, from simple everyday transfers to more organized tours.



Transfers from Thessaloniki Airport to Thessaloniki City

New luxury cars (2-3 years max)

All cars are smokefree

Free water and other amenities on all rides

Transfers from Thessaloniki City to Thessaloniki Airport

Well organized one-day trips


Saloniki tours is the answer.

Our priority is to offer you a combination of safety and luxuriousness during your trip.
That's why we are trying to be up to date using the latest Mercedes Benz Models driven by well educated and friendly staff.

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Our Tours

Are you for the first time in Thessaloniki? Grab the chance and see our city through our eyes. During the three-hour tour you will visit some of the most important sights of Thessaloniki and some of the most popular spots of our city.

A tour to discover the Ancient Town of Filippoi , the modern city of Kavala and have a taste of the history of Amfipolis. During this tour you will have the opportunity to visit different archeological sites while learning some interesting historical facts.

One of the most loved summer destinations. Choose the place and you will have a day full of swimming, sunbathing and food tasting.

Are you ready for a mountainous adventure? Besides sightseeing and visiting the museum of Dion you will also have the chance to walk through one of the mountain’s paths and visit the picturesque village of Litochoro.

It’s not only the waterfalls that will catch your eye in beautiful city of Edessa, but also the option of having a little time for yourself while enjoying your bath in the hot springs of Pozar. A great choice to relax and enjoy a tour to a nearby destination.

One of the most popular religious destinations, where you will have the opportunity to visit different Monasteries with great view and interesting history.

If you are interested in learning more about the ancient capital of Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the Great this tour suits you the best.

This tour includes a visit to the Jewish Quarter of Barbouta.

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